The core focus of Daffodil Family has been set from the thought of “What type of society we would like to build and what would be our contribution for the society?” The entire Group is working on a core mission and that is to serve the country through ICT and Education which are the pillars for any national development. If we look at the development history of the group, we find it has been very well planned, organized, time bound and future focused. It is standing on the solid objective to turn the huge population into human resources by ensuring quality education, training and also through contributing in the development of Science and ICT. The service and feature of the group directly fill the gap to get a poverty free skilled nation. With the pace of time Daffodil Family has come to a positionwhich can be a model to follow by the entire world. The nature of its concerns, product line and the services which is provided by the group reflects its ethical practices. The group has already created a respectful image in peoples mind towards the organization through its work and effort.

Brand Represents Equal Value

Daffodil Family really works hard to change the definition of Corporate Social Responsibility. The product line and the services for the focused group cost the same as its given value. We serve the immediate community, peoples of all ages and largely the youth which is the vibrant group and at affordable cost.

Wider Audience

The audience/focus group for its products/services covers peoples from all ages. Daffodil Family provides education from Play Group to Post Graduate levels. It has professional Development institutes where anyone at any ages can join to sharpen their skills. Also its products have huge popularity at home and abroad.

Developing Human Resources

Skilled workforce development is vital for a nation to compete and to grow. One of the main focuses of Daffodil Family is to help to develop skilled work forces. Our skill development training initiatives are of following categories:

  • Fresh Graduates
  • Half Educated Peoples at Rural Community
  • Corporate Clients
  • Transnational Citizens

Facilitating Disadvantaged Community

A trained workplace can help nations and communities improve economic growth, reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development. Since its establishment, the group has already trained thousands of disadvantaged peoples and made them employable. Many of them are employed at local and international job market and some became self employed. Besides, Daffodil Family is going to set up a project with KISS. The disadvantaged children will get opportunity to study to eradicate povertthere.

Youth Development Programs

What can be the best strategy to give back to the society other developing the young generation?The core focus of Daffodil Family is developing the future leaders at early stage. The education system in Daffodil Education Network has been designed considering the opportunities beyond the boundaries which focuses all the qualities that young generation need to develop at early stages. To help the disadvantaged community the group has initiated Vocational Training for Youth Program under Daffodil Foundation. • and both are initiatives under Daffodil Family to distribute online resources to the students.

Awareness Creating Activities

As commitment to the society, Daffodil Family plays a vibrant role in awareness creating activities on different issues:

  • Drug Addiction
  • ICT Education in bridging Digital Divide
  • Tobacco Free Society
  • Read a Book, Own a Book for a knowledge based society
  • Environment Sustainability
  • Green Campus
  • Importance of Competency Based Education
  • Technical Education for 21st Century Workplace
  • Human Rights
  • Any Social Issue
  • Social Problem

Bridging the digital divide in Bangladesh and Empowering Women

In Bangladesh, women represent 50% of our total population and to ensure a sustainable economy we need to ensure women’s participation. Daffodil Family believes Education is one of the most important means of empowering women with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to participate fully in the development process and therefore initiated several projects to motivate them in work; also to inspire women in ICT Education & train them in job skills so that they become self dependent. Some of our popular projects are: •ICT for women in Development Computer literacy amongst women for self employment

Daffodil Family Inspire the Genius to Explore their Potentiality

In Bangladesh there are many potential youth who fail to explore their potentiality for proper guidance and scope. One of the core focuses of Daffodil Family is to inspire those potential young generations to flourish their mastermind. With a view to promoting & popularizing golf, and creating sportive mood among the students, DIU is sponsoring Md. Shakahwat Hossain Sohel, a well known Professional Golfer of the country from the CSR perspective.

To Train up 10 lac freelancer for ICT & general freelancing job

Already Bangladesh is a potential name in ICT and General Outsourcing Freelancing. Bangladesh is named as the top 3rd country in ICT Freelancing and we are yet to get its highest advantages. Unless Bangladesh achieves this goal of developing required manpower at a brisk pace, it’s positional advantage that it has over other countries like India in terms of infrastructure and other resources shall be lost. To make a big entry into this, Bangladesh should have at least about 10 lacs trained and certified people in different areas. Our effort starts from here. Already Daffodil Family has taken an initiative to train human resources in this sector. Our vision is to-

  • Positioning ICT and General outsourcing freelancers as the largest source of our national GDP
  • Creating awareness among the general people/community
  • Seting outsourcing as a sustainable sector in Bangladesh

Scholarship Programs

Daffodil Family through its educational ventures is providing attractive scholarship packages to about two thousand poor but meritorious students every year. There are also other scholarship programs in the educational ventures of Daffodil Family which facilitate a large number of students according to their merit. DIU provides 25% of its students with scholarships under various categories considering their merit, financial condition, etc. Almost 2500 students are availing scholarships in every semester.

Developed Team

An organization runs well when it gets the best human resources in its operation. Happy employees create happy customers which produce business results. The statistics of employee turnover rate during the past years proves that Daffodil Family highly evaluates its employee and ensures all benefit for their development. It is evident that, Daffodil has employee who has been serving here since its establishment. Daffodil is going to set up a daycare center for the children of its employees. Children will be able to be with their parents. It will motivate its employees and will keep them attentive to work.

Developing Entrepreneur to promote economic growth and job creation

Unemployment, both of the educated and the uneducated manpower, has become one of the most typical and thorny issues in Bangladesh. Daffodil Family being the first private institution felt the importance to create entrepreneur which will support both in job creation and reduce unemployment rate in Bangladesh.

  • With Support from DCCI, the Chairman of Daffodil Family initiated creating 2000 entrepreneur project where DIU shouldered this project from beginning to end.
  • Included Entrepreneurial Learning module in University and added in the syllabuses of school, college and other institutes of Daffodil Family
  • Added practical classes/events to develop entrepreneurship quality among students and to give them knowledge on this.
Developed Leaders

Daffodil Family creates leader. The student’s success rate in job market is 95%. Also, students of Daffodil Education Network (DEN) are doing jobs at different well reputed organizations at home and abroad. The Group is encouraging the young students to create entrepreneur which is solving the problem of low job vacancy, making students self employed and creating opportunities for others.

Innovation in Work, Innovative thought

Daffodil Family during the past years believed in innovation in facilitating growth and always preferred to add value in everything it does for its customers. We brought several innovative concepts in business and services which are now followed by other organizations and creating values, leaving positive impact in society, helping in developing organizations and as a whole have positive impact in societies. Here are some examples of such initiatives: Brought first local brand PC Established fully ICT Supported University Initiated first IT Training Institute “DIIT” in Bangladesh Set up first job portal in Bangladesh Created ECI to develop Entrepreneur DIU as first Private University to introduce Free Laptop Distribution Project for Students, contributed in the beautification of Dhaka City, initiated the Green Campus in Ashulia, supported DCCI initiated “Creating 2000 Entrepreneur “unconditionally in every aspect, introduced a new post Emeritus Professor to give honor to the resourceful employee for his contribution, awarded DLitt Degree to Achutya Samant, Brought different scholarship project under Daffodil Foundation to support education for Disadvantaged community l Official flight of Daffodil Helicam held successfully at Kalabagan Playground, Dhaka amidst presence of high Officials. This Spy Quad copter/Helicam was built after three months restless efforts from the students. Spy quad copter or Helicam is a remote-controlled mini helicopter, able to obtain aerial pictures or motion images using video, architectural view of project/building, accident location or re-creation, structural damage, rescue search, surveillance, inspection, fire service or police department investigation, film making, photography, tourism attractions, water studies, bridge dames, traffic studies, web point direction, GPS tracking system, etc. It is an outcome of the university’s research and innovation initiatives.

Daffodil Foundation

Daffodil Family also plays vital role in corporate social responsibility through Daffodil Foundation which is continuously working to support needy but meritorious students by providing many benefits including logistics, finance, job etc.

Bringing Quality Education at Affordable Cost

The “ethical” business sense has led Daffodil to move into the private education sector with a view to serve the society through developing ICT and Education sector. Daffodil Family has tied up with NCC Education (UK) to provide quality ICT education locally. In 2002, Daffodil International University came into being when there were only a handful of private universities in Bangladesh. The fees are very reasonable, at about 40% of the most expensive private university which allowed disadvantaged rural students entry. Out of the regular 12000 students, 75% are from rural background. Traditionally, the highly competitive entrance examinations of the public universities did not allow a proportionate amount of rural students to get in. So, disadvantaged rural students should make an impact towards poverty alleviation in the rural areas.

Contributed in Developing Education Systems

Daffodil Family has brought a new way to run education systems. The total education Systems at Daffodil Education Network is fully automated. It sets new dimension education systems which is followed by others. Some of its new inventions are:

  • Learning Feedback Systems for Ensuring Interactive Teaching & Learning Systems
  • Entrepreneurial Education at Early Education Systems
  • Forum
  • Job Tracking Systems
  • Interactive Education Learning Tools
  • Moodle
  • Competency Based Teaching & Learning Systems
  • Hybrid Class Systems
  • Quality Education at affordable cost
  • Developed content
  • E-Learning systems the most cost effective method of disseminating high-end “expert” level instruction from “one to many”

Learning from the Leaders

Student learns very well when they listen from the leaders. They like to follow the leaders. It motivates them and helps them to focus on their goals. Daffodil Family invites leaders from different sector to address the students and to share their success stories. For an example: The famous motivational speaker and author of The World at your Feet Mr. Sabirul Islam visited Bangladesh to inspire the young generation. It was among the most successful programs in Bangladesh history and got huge popularity among the youths.

Participation of Daffodil Family with Government Organizations Project in PPP Model

Daffodil Family has a record to work with Government Organization in several projects and signed agreement for different development causes. The following are noteworthy:

  • DIU signed agreement with Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM) to facilitate collaborative programs for the students.
  • Daffodil International University (DIU) and Bangladesh Foreign Trade Institute (BFTI) signed MoU for developing course materials and modules to offer masters program on International Trade in collaboration with foreign universities
  • To promote science and increase the number of enrollment of science students in secondary and higher secondary level a Memorandum of Unde standing (MOU) for strategic partnership between Daffodil International University (DIU) and Bangladesh Freedom Foundation (BFF) has been signed.
  • Daffodil Institute of IT and Ministry of Women & Children Affairs jointly initiated a project called “Promoting computer literacy amongst women for self employment”.
  • Daffodil International University worked as Research and Entrepreneurs Development Partner of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Creating 2000 Entrepreneur Project of along with Bangladesh Bank.
  • MOU with CTO Forum, Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP) and Small & Cottage Industries Training Institute (SCITI) a project of BISIC has been signed to contribute to the society.
  • DIU is working jointly with Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR) which plays a very important role in the field of scientific and industrial development of the country to facilitate the country’s inventions together.

Employment Quota for Women and Physically Disadvantaged People

Daffodil Family ensures employment quota for physically disadvantaged people. Also in employment, women get equal preference in leading the organization.

DIU at a Motivational Workshop
Mr. Sabirul Islam

DIU at a Motivational Workshop for Creating 2000 new Entreprenures

Free computer training session

Free computer training session with unemployed youths by Daffodil Foundation

Free text book

Free text book distribution among students by Daffodil Foundation

Chairman, Daffodil  Family is in KISS at a courtesy visit

Chairman, Daffodil Family is in KISS at a courtesy visit

Daffodil  Family sponsored Musa Ibrahim

Daffodil Family sponsored Musa Ibrahim in his Everest wining. Mr. Musa is seen with the Flag of Daffoidl on the Mount Everest

 Honorable Chairman

Honorable Chairman, Daffodil with students in Blind Education & Rehabilitation Development Organization (BERDO)

World Tobacco Day 2013

World Tobacco Day 2013 organized by Daffodil Family

DIU donates fund to Rana Plaza victims

DIU donates fund to Rana Plaza victims

DIU donates computer

DIU donates computer to Bangladesh Thalassemia Foundation

Official flight

Official flight of Daffodil Helicam held successfully

DIU donates Dialysis Machine to Kidney Foundation

DIU donates Dialysis Machine to Kidney Foundation

DMP box in Russell Square, Dhaka sponsored by DIU

DMP box in Russell Square, Dhaka sponsored by DIU

Human Chain Program

Daffodil International University organized Human Chain Program demanding safe road in association with “Nirapad Sarak Chai” to raise consciousness of the mass people on the matter.

Road Beautification Project

Scenic view of Road Beautification Project sponsored by Daffodil

Daffodil sponsors Md. Shakahwat Hossain Sohel

Daffodil sponsors Md. Shakahwat Hossain Sohel, a popular Professional Golfer of the nation from the CSR point of view.

Prize Giving Ceremony of World Book Day 2013

Prize Giving Ceremony of World Book Day 2013

One Student One Laptop

Students under the project of One Student One Laptop

Dhaka Rickshaw Fiesta Week 2014

Dhaka Rickshaw Fiesta Week 2014 jointly organized by Dept. of Tourism and Hospitality Management of Daffodil International University & Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Bangladesh