Corporate Citizenship Empowerment is an aspiration for Daffodil Family which we included for sustainable development.We are committed to provide more ‘employment and livelihood opportunities through our works and changing company strategies and exploiting innovative business opportunities in addressing complex social and environmental problems.

Entrepreneur Development Program

Daffodil Family has undertaken an initiative to develop Entrepreneur through Skills Development Training and giving opportunity to become self-dependent. Through Entrepreneur Development Program and Skill Development Training our people are inspired to put their skills and interests to work creating sustained impact in communities around the world. This continued dedication will help us achieve our increased goal of equipping people with skills by 2015.”
We will train the talent to help address the need for skills that open doors to self-employment. The initiative harnesses the powerful combination of knowledge development support and infrastructural support so that they can contribute in National Economy. Entrepreneur Development Program is our global corporate citizenship initiative, which focuses on advancing employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in both mature and emerging markets.