• Skilled employees are the foundation of every successful organization. Every successful organization gives highest priority in managing the human capital effectively to achieve high performance and therefore turning to business process outsourcing (BPO) to ensure their HR function operates at peak.

    Our BPO Human Resources service offer flexible and cost-efficient solutions for acquiring, administering and developing talent and help to embark on the HRO journey easily and realize benefits promptly.

  • Our HR Services

    • Help you to transform your HR operation;
    • Allow you to make the best use of the employee data;
    • Help you save up to 50 percent of your current HR cost;
    • Enable innovative and continuous improvement;
    • Help you to ensure efficient, duly maintained and continuously improved processes.
  • Our service ensures

    • Workforce administration—Employee data management, unemployment administration, work place administration;
    • Task Management: To Track employee task, work load etc.;
    • Leave administration—Absence notification, leave case management and eligibility determination;
    • Talent management—Performance management, development, recruiting and staffing;
    • Total rewards—Evaluations, nonmonetary awards, and incentive;
    • Development Statistics: Any Training Requirements, Evaluation of Skills etc.;

    The Total process ensures intelligent and effective interactions with HR and organization which results in improved workplace satisfaction and productivity among employees.