• Daffodil provides the following high quality services in the areas of Business, Administrative and Industrial Automation

  • Consulting Assignments

    Daffodil provides ICT consulting services on time & materials basis for Project Management, Information Analysis, Architecture, Functional and Technical Design, System Development, Web Development, User Interface Design, Database Design and Administration, Testing, Test Management, Quality Assurance, Functional and Technical Application Management, Service Management, ICT Process Management, Helpdesk, Security and Business Solutions. Our ICT professionals are highly qualified and well trained. They possess hands-on experience of the best practices and are among the best in the profession.

  • Advice

    Daffodil is a fully independent company and therefore able to advise objectively and credibly solutions that best fit the client needs, without any bias whatsoever to any specific technology, method or supplier. Daffodil has vast experience in ICT advice and consultancy, among others in the field of project and program management, quality assurance and testing, feasibility study and selection of technology, knowledge management, architectural decisions, product and vendor selection, project audits, process design and improvement, outsourcing, development methodologies and development environments.

  • Projects

    Our vast project experience in combination with our proven and ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management certified project approach is the basis for successful project implementations. Depending on the project status and the need Daffodil accepts the responsibility for projects in different forms, such as fixed price, fixed date or time, shared risk or on time and materials basis. Examples of projects are: Pilot projects, Proof of Concepts, application development, customized product development, platform or application or data migration, testing and quality audits. Daffodil has a DTAP (Development, Testing, Acceptance, and Production) environment for in-house projects, which can be tailored to the clients’ requirements. For example, it is possible to offshore a part of the project activities and application management to our offshore services location in Bangladesh.

  • Application Development, Test, Management & Support

    Daffodil has an in-house secure DTAP environment and infrastructure both in Malaysia and in Bangladesh, enabling it to provide application development, test, management, maintenance and support services both local and remote. We support 24/7 business availability and support for our clients, a professional and secure infrastructure and a team of ICT professionals, all of which can be tailored to the type of application or information system and other client needs.

  • Outsourcing / Offshoring

    Interested in high scalability of resources and lower costs at the same quality level you are used to from Daffodil? We would be delighted to tell you about our offshore services. Daffodil provides both project execution and application management services from our offshore location in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This may give you just the competitive edge you are looking for against those who have chosen other offshore or near shore locations, such as India and Rumania.