• “Technology for today tomorrow and beyond” our corporate statement, encapsulatesour intention for developing the future generation, society and everyday life through innovation.

    • Global Presence: We are committed to bring latest technology solutions and services for our clients and customers. Through our extensive Research & Development initiative we pay effort to bring global service standards to our clients.
    • Managing Information-Driven World: We all live and work in an information-driven world. Information is the lifeblood of modern business and, increasingly, of modern life. With the latest invention in technology, we are witnessing the business process is also changing. Our company’s unique focus is to eliminate risks to information, technology and make the business processes independent and easier.
    • Striving for Constant Improvement: We try to speed up any growth opportunity. We include any new and best invention in our product and service line solutions to deliver integrated solutions that address evolving customer needs. We leverage internal R&D, acquisitions and partnerships to accelerate our long-term strategy.
    • Insight and Innovation: We believe in innovation. We try to provide value added services to our clients and customers. Through this strategy we try to hold strong engagement with existing customers and clients and try to focus on potentials.
    • Training & Development of Human Resources: Daffodil Family is investing not only in technology, alongside in training industry to develop skilled human resources. This helps them to take on large and complex projects.

      Our aim is to ascertain that new hires understand our organization‘s mission, goals, values and philosophy; and importantly their job role as expected in a professional environment. This training aims to establish a clear foundation and set expectations around work ethics, integrity and responsibility. With this in mind, we have customized our training to suit different levels.

      Learning is the most sustainable source of competitive advantage in our industry, today. In this knowledge based economy, creating a learning environment helps address talent shortfall, generate ideas and ultimately leads to building an engaged workforce resulting in higher productivity and retention. We recognize that grooming an employee into a globally competitive leader requires an extensive and nurturing ecosystem.

    • Maintaining Quality Standards: We follow well defined process measurements to monitor the quality of solutions delivered and service provided ensure continuous improvement. With a strong focus on process management, we integrate business needs and industry best practices to deliver services that constantly improve:
      • Customer satisfaction
      • Productivity and Cycle-Time
      • Quality of Solutions and Services